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How to register

Cited from FAQ about DVDFab 9 registration:

DVDFab 9 products use the most advanced online verification method, so you just need to use your DVDFab account to activate your software.

For users who haven’t activated DVDFab account, there’re two methods to activate account: 1. Click the activation link in your registration email; 2. Go to our Member Center and click “Create an Account” to create your DVDFab account with the email you used to purchase our products.

For users who have activated their account but forgotten the password, please click “Forgot Password?” in Member Center.

For users who’re not sure if account has been activated, you can: 1. register in Member Center directly with the email you used to purchase our products, if you’re prompted that the account already exists, then go on to reset password; 2. click “Forgot Password?” in Member Center, if you haven’t registered, you'll be prompted that your account doesn't exist, and you can go on to register an account.

Our Member Center can be accessed at: http://www.DVDFab.cn/member.htm