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Archived Task

Archived Task is the place where all the task information of your last operation is saved, including your detailed custom settings. Depending how each task was processed, users might be able to see Completed, Failed, or Exited Unexpectedly under the status tab.



Success: means that the task is finished successfully.

Failed: means that the task was failed.

Exit Unexpectedly: means the program exited unexpectedly in the middle of that task, leaving the task unfinished; it will be saved by default in the Archived Task list, where users can redo it next time opening DVDFab.

Not Processed: means that task was not processed due to the program crashed or unexpected exit when processing the previous tasks, or users manually saved the that task to the Archived Task.


To the latter three circumstances, users can click the reload button behind the task to redo the task directly. To redo a specific task, just select that task and then press the Reload button near the bottom left corner of the Task Queue window. Once users redo a certain task from the Archived Task list, that task will be moved to the Current Task list.