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Register DVDFab Media Player


In consideration of security issue, DVDFab Media Player also employs online verification method for registration.


1. Premise

To register DVDFab Media Player, your user account and password in our Member Center are required. If you have not registered in our Member Center, please follow the ways below to get yourself registered there.

1.1 Visit http://www.dvdfab.cn/member.htm?a=register&t=per, fill in the E-mail used while purchasing DVDFab Media Player, and then press “Send” button;

1.2 Click the verification link which is sent to your E-mail account in previous step to activate your account and create your own password.  

Sidenote: You can login our Member Center to check all your order information and what is the latest campaign that might fit into your interest.

2. Register DVDFab Media Player

2.1 Download and install DVDFab Media Player onto your computer, and start it to direct yourself to the registration page.



2.2 Click the “Register” button, popping up this window shows below:



Type in your E-mail and password which are exactly the same ones you just created in our Member Center, and then press “Register”;

2.3 Once get registered, the registration page goes away, and you will be directed to the main screen.